September 25th, 2004


Salmon River

I went camping and white-water rafting with the WSU Chapter of IEEE and members of ASME.

The camping portion was short - but awesome. Late night conversations of the variety you could probably figure out, and waking up to New Order being played / discussed rocks! I stumped the musical genius of our party with the question, “How are Ultravox and this group connected?” (The answer is an obscure reference only about ten English speaking people know.)

The rafting portion was ok - mostly boring because there is no chance of danger.

Halfway through, I swapped with Han and got in a single kayak. I proceeded to get my ass beat by the rapids. Read: flipped three times by pools. This, of course, occurs after a lot of smack talking from me. How appropriate.

I lost half of my last complete pair of thermal socks in the river.

I gained three enemies in the ASME. I don’t like being flipped and hit in the face with paddles. Revenge will be mine.