April 20th, 2004


It's been a long time baby.

And I’m here to give you something to step to...
  • Add: Fix outgoing e-mail envelopes.

  • I have reconfigured tara, my computer, to be seperate from the mvdomain and tranzoa.net domains and networks.

    Unfortunately, the previous postfix install depended upon mail.mvdomain forwarding my e-mail and properly rewriting the envelopes.

    I’m taking a look at esmtp to do the “heavy” sending work now.

  • Add: Create web based encrypted OPML editor.

  • hnb just doesn’t do the trick anymore. I’m running several versions from the latest, and it has no support outside of Linux.

    I’d like to mirror my database to my USB keychain drive. This means I’ll have to have something that is cross-platform. Python fills that role just fine - now it needs to be written.

    Buzz is both far too large and doesn’t encrypt.

  • Add: Where is my lease?

  • Add: Find new work for more money.

  • Add: Contact WSU to find out about transfer status.

  • Add: Finish car’s tuneup.

  • Done: Everything else up to this point. Booya.
  • climbing


  • Done: E-mail envelopes from tara.

  • Done: Dell support for MSIS.

  • Done: Lease.

  • If my Mother withholds mail from me again, I wonder if I could get her on criminal charges.

  • Add: Tranzoa.net rearchitecture.

  • There is no such thing as a self-maintaining network.