January 23rd, 2004


Waste of life.

  • Add: Physics Homework #3

  • Yay memorization of functions!

    Surprisingly, my instructor allows a student to bring a sheet paper, with anything they want written on it, to the quizes and tests.

  • Done: Physics Lab #1 Report & Physics Lab #1 Homework

  • An hour and a half before class. I was worried that my partners hadn’t done their reports so I attached their names to my work. I was right.

    However, the instructor allowed students to re-generate all their data after class. I stayed after and helped my partners do, in 30 minutes, what I did earlier over the course of an hour... and they copied off each other’s individually assigned homework. It bothers me this has, throughout my entire academic experience, been modus operandi for so many successful people. When I have been a tutor, I attempted to ensure people understand what they’re “learning.” This caused resentment from some students (and some friends)... “I can figure out the process later - I need to turn in my homework right now.”

    Dear Instructor: if you’re going to give due dates, please consistently stick to them.

  • Add: Clean out my car.

  • It’s dirty-dirty-dirty.

    It’s 1:05 pm. I “woke up” at 6:00 am after some really horrible and patchy sleep. In seven hours I feel like I have done nothing.

    More stuff.

  • Add: Pickup tax documentation from the University of Washington business school.

  • Some of my last remaining years of receiving refunds...

  • Progress: Physics Homework #4

  • It’s a good thing I started on this now. I would never have been able to rush job this come the morning of whenever its due.