January 22nd, 2004


You have to start somewhere.

This is one of the few posts not directly for myself.

Weblogs? I'm luddite watching the cutting edge of technology. Furthermore, the work ethic I was raised with causes an instant dislike of the entire rationale behind blogging. It strikes me as an unnecessary waste of time.

That same ethic spawns a large degree of self hatred. I'm not an effective person.

This journal exists as a form of public pressure for me to get my shit together. On an almost daily basis, I'll be publishing what progress I've made in whatever I need to be doing.

There will should never be a day in which I'm not doing something productive.
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What's on my plate?

It is my hope that I can list everything I need to do without obfuscation. However, this isn't true at the moment.

That's another cause of stress in my life.

There are two ToDo lists. The primary for things I need to do and the secondary for things I want to do. Hopefully these will, one day, be one in the same.

Primary ToDo:

  • Completion schedule, #1 (Due: Midnight 1/22)

  • Completion schedule, #2 (Due: Midnight 1/28)

  • Completion schedule, #3 (Due: Midnight 2/4)

  • Completion schedule, #4 (Due: Midnight 2/11)

  • Completion schedule, #5 (Due: Midnight 2/25)

  • Finalize UW paperwork.

  • Pay $80 to Kirk for 5.66 PCB.

  • Pay $288 for 01/2004 insurance.

  • Pay $320 in tuition remaining.

  • Determine Winter 2003 total debt. ($500 approx.)

  • Secondary ToDo:

  • Work on DIBS GUI.

  • Work on Haze specification.

  • Work on VOE.

  • Work on Unicorn-B.

  • Work on Desktop Linux.

  • Work on Python reimplementation of hnb.

  • Work on Master Bar.

  • Release updated version of cust-plus.
  • climbing


  • Done: Physics Homework #2

  • Another 6 am job. Trick questions suck. Finding out you messed up a problem, and because you were the only student who followed directions and turned in your paper at the beginning of class, and thus was not able to fix their setup sucks more.

  • Done: Completion Schedule #1.

  • That was fun. Rehashing crap is always great. I’m sick of jumping through the same hoops for the same insane result. I hope this is the last time.

  • Done: LiveJournal Setup

  • Well, I started this. We’ll see if it helps.

    I find it entertaining that the official LiveJournal client thinks “LiveJournal” is misspelled.

  • Add: Physics Lab Report #1

  • The combination of my current efforts at purging and badly confused sleeping schedule has me exhausted at unreasonable times. I should get this done tonight, but I’m not. My alarm is set to 6 am.

    ... how is all that for an unproductive day?

    I’m going to sleep at 9 pm tonight. Hopefully, that will put me well on my way to recovery. I look forward to a day of being refreshed and being able to eat food.