Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

The Rules of Shotgun

We (samfu, cilliadarkfalls, kung_fu_mike, matrixboarder, Joe, special guest stars, and myself) are all play the Game of Shotgun (and it’s colliery “Not Bitch”). Unfortunately for the Internet, no website lists acceptable rules to the game.

I define “acceptable” as a set of rules which can be followed by a group of individuals driven to exploit every advantage, every loophole, and willing to never actually arrive anywhere or get things done in their single minded pursuit of the hallowed position. In short, similar to the US Tax Code, if the rules require a dozen special cases or more than one page of text, they don’t work.

I have decided to post Our Rules to the Game of Shotgun because over a dozen people have asked, and we recently found an exploit in Our Rules. These rules have been whittled down and determined through years of evolution and natural selection. We follow these rules strictly!

  1. The Driver is the final arbiter.
  2. Gameplay ensues when the keys are en-route to the vehicle.
  3. The following conditions must be true for a call to be legitimate:
    • The car must be in the line-of-sight of the caller.
    • The car and caller must be within the same environment. (ex. “outside” or “parking garage”)
  4. In the case of a simultaneous legitimate call, the position of Shotgun is determined with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The exploit is thus: if the Driver gives the keys to the car to a competitor, and they exit the building heading for the car, has gameplay ensued? The Rules say “yes”; but, how is the Driver to arbitrate when not present?

Tags: humour
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