Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

A month later, and a lot of useless information!

Things busy once I moved out. Such a shock, huh?

This journal is obsolete. I’ve switched to using Mozilla Sunbird. You can find my calendar here.

This change leaves my journal for one thing - the one thing I promised I wouldn’t do: post useless information about my life.

The purchase of the bike hasn’t made up for its cost yet - but it will definitely pass that point in the next month or so.

It’s better than free transportation to anywhere in the Pullman/Moscow area. I say "better than free" because I have integrated exercise with my lifestyle.

In the first month, I replaced a reflector and picked up a mud guard. I’m not riding hard - but I’m not being nice either.

I’ve been living in College Crest for a month with Sam. We’ve gotten along better than my worse expectations. Chores are completed in a reasonable fashion and the living conditions are far better than would normally be expected from males. If anything, as the month has gone on, they’ve improved because we’re settling into or developing positive habits.

Joe missed out on month zero due to a mission trip in Mexico. I understand he did good things there, got sick off the water, and put up with passes from the locals. When will be understand that with great muscles comes great women!

But, Joe moved at the beginning of this month. I haven’t had any time to determine in what fashion the dynamics will change. Certainly, there are a few pending issues which may or may not turn into large problems. The largest issue in question is his choice in love life...

Effectively everyone "in the know" realized Mary and Joe were going to hook up upon his return. However, casual observation and conversation slips indicate their pairing has progressed faster than even the most liberal estimates. This "obviously" (if you know us) has the potential to cause a rift between Joe and Sam.

In my opinion, there are plenty of available men and women in the Pullman area. Why did Mary and Joe feel the need to break one of The Rules? I think it’s selfish and irresponsible of them.

In order to give you an idea of how demanding the lab shifts are: I wrote this journal entry at work.

I prefer working on the Phones because I feel as though I’m helping people and doing something productive.

Though, at minimum wage, it all feels pointless.

Aren’t you happy I kept it short?
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