Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

I had a weird dream...

... and I wanted to record it. However, I couldn’t decide on a good location.

I dreamt I was in a huge lecture hall listening to a lecture about the architecture of an imaginary futuristic Java 5. Sitting to my right is a female friend of mine, up and to my left about four rows in the back against the wall/top of the lecture hall are two girls who were saying shit no one cared about. And down about six rows, at the front and to the right of me, was the girl I had a crush on for most of my primary and secondary school. (I have a suspicion it lasted into high school/college, but I only saw her once.)

So we’re listening to this lecture, and those girls in the back keep getting more and more annoying. I start talking loudly and imitating them, making fun of them and hoping they’ll shutup. This goes on for about 15 minutes, when the girl I had the crush on stands up and turns around, and yells at me, “Shutup, no one cares!” To which I stand up, lean over and look down and yell, “Fuck you bitch, I hope you die choking on shit!”

She looks completely shocked that I said that, and sits down. In fact, a lot of people look shocked. I’m partially shocked. Obviously I’m angry about something, and I didn’t know it consciously. My friend sitting beside me asks what’s wrong, and I tell her to shove off - I’m thinking. She’s shocked bad too and just wanted to help.

Then, the girls behind us start talking again. I look up and they have stripped to PJs and tight tank tops and halter tops. Also, they are now giving the same lecture, but with the assistance of a digital board that’s hanging up behind them. I glare at them while I’m thinking and my friend again asks me “what’s wrong?” Again, I tell her to shove the hell off.

This starts bothering her, and eventually she tries giving me a hug in an effort to cheer me up. I push her off. She says something like “I guess once you have it all, you’ll always find something that hurts.”

The lecture fast forwards then, and ends.

In the intervening time, I have pissed off everyone I’m with, in the meantime, and decided I want to stomp my way home. The lecture hall was located in a part of Seattle that doesn’t actually exist; but, the best way to describe it would be near the Zymo building on the water on west lake union. However, the area is a warehouse district now similar to south Seattle. The road is definitely Lakeview, though. People start driving off, and I stomp off and start walking.

Time fast-forwards again, and I’m at a party with everyone. We’ve all gone over to DJ’s house and are starting up some game. There is a multi-tap hooked into a Playstation 2 with future Pop’n Music in the tray. But, it’s not actually Pop’n Music. There are Pop’n style controllers, Mr. Driller art design, and a combination of Dance Summit, Pop’n, and DDR type music. It is turned on, and for the next ten minutes, it starts playing the introduction song and doing some weird slow motion montage showing pictures of all the characters.

This is a weird multi-tap. It has Pop’n Music controllers in all of the ports; but, there is an extra port with a normal controller plugged in. No one wants to use it, so eventually it gets passed to DJ to figure out what to do with it. It is then passed two people to the left over to me, where I’m busy sulking. I pick it up, and immediately press Start, ending the long ass introduction.

The dream ends.
Tags: pretentious

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