Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Sadness and light

I haven’t been keeping my mixtapes up to date. It’s one of those things that, once you excuse yourself the first time, you just continue to let slide. February’s excuse was a lack of variety. And, since March, it’s been sub-par Internet access due to travel. Lame. Lame. Lame.

This is a real shame, as I have made new friends through posting them.

I started making mixtapes because I liked the concept behind the service formerly known as muxtape. When it was taken down, the community response of Opentape was abhorrent to me. The licensing on their code (and the code they bundled) was shady. And, I felt the hosted PHP + MySQL solution was overkill for the problem. Therefore, in the great tradition of reinventing the wheel, I wrote moxie.

Before writing it, I barely thought about sharing my musical preferences outside of the OCD realm of I had worked out a system for finding new artists; and, presumed anyone else who cared had too. After writing moxie, I suddenly had a new interesting problem to think about: what to share with my “audience?” Oddly, it was to one listener’s disappointment when I revealed how I had automated the process.

I don’t think anyone else uses moxie. But, people do listen to my mixtapes. And it’s nice to have a response when people ask for music recommendations. I say, “check my mixtapes out— they’re on the Internet!” And, incredibly, people do! It has been an unexpected delight exchanging messages about music.

It’s surprising how different my experience has been from jwz‘s.

(I’m sure, one of these days, I’ll upload a new mixtape.)

Tags: mixtape, spewing
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