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Scott Robinson

I think it's official

From: Scott Robinson (DRSR)
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 2:13 PM
To: William Lees; Management Modeling Studio Team
Subject: RE: Opportunity for Scott

내 시간이 여기에 팀 제품이 있어야 matured 및 큰 연계 맞게 증가하는. 이를 사용하면 표시 알고 있는-코스 고객의 새 값을 제공할 소프트웨어를 처리하고 만들기 ‘re 우리는 축하 있습니다.

그러나, 여행 통해 I 있어야 제공되는 관리 모델링 Studio Team 위한 적절한 위치에 아닌지 이해하기. 따라서 신중하게 deliberation 후 I 결정한 시간을 이동-에 대한 수 있었습니다.

내 resignation 효과적인 됩니다 2008년 2월 27th. (해당 비즈니스 달의 마지막 날 경우)

내 즉시 계획을 뉴질랜드의; vacation 있고 아마도 남극 해안 연결할 것입니다. I 있어야 않은 Microsoft; 외부에서 기회가 제공되며, I ’ll 수 사용하여 내 휴가 시간으로 부여할 기한 고려.

내 개인 전자 메일 주소는 scott@quadhome.com입니다. Facebook 또는 LinkedIn 표시 찾을 수 won’t 복구된 사회 네트워킹 addict ‘m. 그러나 내 블로그 것입니다. 우리는 모든 중 전체 해당 작업을 are… 콘텐츠 chock 방법을 알고

좋은 시간 주셔서 감사합니다. 모든 받지 못한 것입니다.

From: Sachin Goel
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 2:19 PM
To: Scott Robinson (DRSR); William Lees; Management Modeling Studio Team
Subject: RE: Opportunity for Scott

Was funny ☺…coz these tools don’t give you same translation when translated back. (Also you forget to mention Korean -> English).

my time here team products have matured and large ecosystem to fit the increase. It allows the display you know - course customers a new value to provide software and create ’ re we celebration.

However, travel through i have provided management modeling Studio Team for the appropriate location that understand. Therefore, carefully deliberation after i decided to move time - for.

my resignation effective will 2008 February 27th. (the business of the month the last day)

my immediate plan New Zealand; vacation and probably the Antarctic coast to connect to. I have not Microsoft; outside of the opportunity is provided, i ‘ ll be using the my vacation time to give due consideration.

my personal e-mail address is the Scott @ quadhome Facebook or LinkedIn show you can find the dollar ’ t recovered social networking addict ‘ m. However, quadhome. com my blog. We all of the full the operation  are … content chock know how to

a good time thank. all received.

-Sachin Goel

From: Sachin Goel
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 2:26 PM
To: Sachin Goel; Scott Robinson (DRSR); William Lees; Management Modeling Studio Team
Subject: RE: Opportunity for Scott

Here is the translation from google ☺..funny they translated few things quite differently.

My time on this team to fit the product to be matured and large linked to increase. Show you know it - of course customers create new value and provide the software to ’re we are celebrating.

However, I need to provide travel management is not in the appropriate location for Modeling Studio Team to understand. Therefore, I decided the time to move carefully, Deliberation - was about.

My Resignation is effective February 2008 27th. (If the last day of the business of the moon)

My immediate plan of New Zealand; vacation and will probably connect to the Antarctic coast. I do not need Microsoft; external opportunities will be offered in, I ‘ll use my vacation time to consider the grant period.

My personal e-mail address is Display will not be found or recovered Facebook LinkedIn social networking addict ’m. However, my blog is are ... you know how to content ChockJAll of the tasks we all

Thanks for a good time. Not all will receive.

-Sachin Goel

Tags: humour

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