Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Priority stack

I have more projects, big and small, than which I can devote my attention. The same is true of friends, business ideas, experiments, hobbies, and adventures. You know, off my head.

I have too much life.

In that vein, a few weeks ago I put together a list. I want to share it with you.

Things I’d Really Like To Pull Off In 2009

  1. Successfully complete year three of my old Life Plan:
    • Self-employed or effectively independently operating in a previously existing organization.
    • Traveled to at least two continents, with one trip having lasted longer than six months.
    • Evaluating relationships in terms of marriage criteria.
  2. Formulate a new Life Plan for the next five years.
  3. Keep learning the guitar.
    • Movable barre chords by February.
    • Finish And I, Hotel California, Desert Grave, Talk Her Down.
  4. Pick back up dancing:
    • Salsa lessons
    • Swing lessons
  5. Bouldering a V5.
    • V4 by March.
  6. Release a side-project once a quarter:
    • Winter: flickrsync / pif
    • Spring: FriendQueue
    • Summer: OurTorrents
    • Fall: TagMail
  7. Blog more. Blog harder. Blog longer.

Is that a year’s worth? It doesn’t feel complete. Do you have any suggestions?

Since we’re honest here, I suppose I also put together another list...

Things That Don’t Seem So Appealing

  1. Settling down.
  2. Becoming rich.
  3. Indulging my vices.
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