Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson


This is, apparently, frustratingly hard for some people (not you, of course) to understand.

Exhibit 1a (White People)Exhibit 1b (White People)
White People (1a)White People (1b)
Exhibit 2a (Black People)Exhibit 2b (Black People)
Black People (2a)Black People (2b)

None are simple cases of affluence or success. Those are the results of radically different socio-economic backgrounds.

So, can we please stop talking about black and white people?

But what about racism toward black people?I already commented.

I wish it wasn’t necessary; but, this issue arose in the draft’s review. The sort and order of the above were and have remained randomized. I got the same dose of progressive brainwashing as you.

Tags: pretentious
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