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Dusk was setting over Rio...

As Faulkner mentioned, we rafted this Labour Day weekend on the Rogue River. The trip started with Rachelle and I hopping in Mel‘s car and driving it to Portland. Once there, we met up with Faulkner, Mel and Sam... dilly-dallied a bit... and drove straight to Medford.

What I’m saying is, we did a little bit of driving.

Little games were developed to keep us from going insane. We took turns narrating an imaginary sex scene from a similarly imaginary romance novel. Sam wrecked Oregon’s speed limit in a successful attempt to beat Mike and Amie to our common destination. And, we listened to the same three albums - over and over:

Cover to None Shall Pass
Artist: Aesop Rock
Album: None Shall Pass
Genres: Does anyone even use genres anymore?
Similar artists: MF Doom, Cannibal Ox, and Mr. Lif

Cover to Graduation
Artist: Kanye West
Album: Graduation
Genres: They remind me of the phrase “everything but country.”
Similar artists: Lupe Fiasco, OutKast, and Common

Cover to War Stories
Artist: UNKLE
Album: War Stories
Genres: A marker of complete toolishness.
Similar artists: DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, and Tricky

My favourite game was attaching suffixes to the word “holla”:

  • -copter
  • -coaster
  • -caust
  • -derby
  • -day
  • -??? post your suggestions!

So, yeah, still suffering from either a boring life or writer’s block. Or both. Galleries of river antics and drunken partying will come soon. Woo woo, the parties are here:

  1. From Nate (via Strahl)...
  2. One and two from Melissa...
  3. From Rachelle...
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