Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Damn you WSU IT!

I just figured out the source of my e-mail malfunctions for the last semester or so.

WSU rolled out a University wide Exchange server under the auspices of a project dubbed Connect!. I tried activating it when it was still in beta and it promptly crashed on me and ate my mail. No problem, though, I simply switched the forward back to my personal e-mail address. No harm, no foul. Or, so I thought.

Let me bring you up to speed. WSU’s e-mail situation is, basically, crazy. I have the following e-mail addresses that are completely independent of each other: (forgive me if I miss one)

    This is a forward-only address.
    Where forward-only addresses used to be directed.
    Where forward-only addresses are now directed.
    My department e-mail address.
    From my old work.

The issue was my loss of e-mails was rooted in that the Exchange server is configured to takeover your address. Therefore, if someone who was using Connect! sent me an e-mail, then it would skip Go! and proceed directly to my stillbirth inbox. An inbox not checked in my rather comprehensive Fetchmail configuration.

Problem solved-ish.

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