Scott Robinson (quadhome) wrote,
Scott Robinson

Day One

3-12 Sunday (6:27)

I just tabulated the amount of money we spent just arranging our
flights. Of our original $926.63 budget, we have 543.77 remaining. I
think. My subtraction on paper skills are rusty. I am surprised no one
laughed at me using my fingers.

We brought food, books, ID and our "master sheet" into the flight area.
Now we wait... a while.

We were singing "derka-derka, muhammed jihad" in the extra-security
check area. Yeah, I know, not smart.

8:05pm cannot come sooner. Sam just curled up to sleep. I think I am
going to explore.

Hmm, other relevant info. The exchange rate is 1:10. Kinda like Japan
(1:100) but... you know... not.
Tags: mexico2006
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